by Linda Penkala on April 21, 2011


      The intersection of aromatherapy with Young Living Essential oils and the human condition of injuries and trauma offers great hope and healing with particular essential oils whether a single oil or a blend.  These last 24 year years as a massage therapist,  I have seen my share of injuries, surgeries, and disease processes with my clients.  Working with those who are nursing an injury offers the most challenge but I remain confident in our healing oils to offer lasting benefits .

      Having been a professional athlete during my racetrack years, and training racehorses after my riding career, I personally know how critical it is to return to the saddle (if you will) and also to get the equine athlete back on the track to race once again.  Rest is usually not what we want to hear, but what our bodies need to repair and to overcome an injury to resume training in any sport.  The common injuries I see now as a massage therapist may be the itis-type  ~ meaning – tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis all stemming from some type of inflammation.  They can include some soft tissue damage, some ligament strain, or broken bones involving attachments at the joint.

      Physiologically, sport injuries run the gamut from chronic – meaning overuse, to acute, from a quick impact, a sprain or a twist.  Either way, there remains differing degrees of inflammation and cell damage, with the resulting leakage of fluid in the intracellular space.  The bruising and swelling prevents nutrient and waste exchange along with decreased oxygen.  But there is hope on the horizon and the synergistic action of Helichrysum Italicum essential oil is the answer.

      This power house of an oil is high in anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenes – almost 50% of it’s makeup.  The other 40% is made up of esters which allows the tissues to relax.  The other healing component is di-ketone, which signals tissues to regenerate.  These are rare, and this oil contains the highest known percentage.  Scientific medical aromatherapy literature mentions use for acute injuries – twisted ankles, wrists, and bruised areas from an impact.

      Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt says Helichrysum Italicum is certainly one of the most astounding essential oils.  “Its’ very unique chemical compostion along with all essential oil’s ability to penetrate into tissue and the circulatory system permit some spectacular treatments.  Used for bruises, sprains and twisted ankles -usually accompanied  by swelling and subsequent hemorrhages – this oil proves practically to be a wonder cure.”  He also mentions the earlier the application – the more pronounced the healing effect.

      This is an oil that can be applied directly to the skin, and also on broken or damaged skin, so pay attention to your body over the days of use to your symptom or injury.  This is also a wonderful formula with Hazelnut oil and Lavender to address scar tissue.  If you have any cares or concerns, consult your medical professional as you proceed.

      Young Living’s blend Pan Away has Helichrysum, wintergreen and clove oils – all to help your body’s natural response to trauma, injury, irritation, and helps to lessen bruising and relief to muscle tension.  This is a staple in my treatment room as I work with week-end athletes, marathon runners and now tri-athalon athletes too.   They all have a deep desire to heal quickly, and move onto the next event.  At times, I may have to bear some sad news that they may have to slow down or stop to allow the body to heal, and recover from the trauma.  It is with the utmost confidence that I know the oil of PanAway is the best for them in their healing journey while on the table, and then when back on track.

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Kerri June 12, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Hi Linda, I found your website doing a search for YL oils and injuries to see what else I can be doing to help my 16 year old recover faster from a strained IT Band from over conditioning and playing sports (volleyball & Lacrosse). I’ve been using both helichrysum and Pan Away, but was wondering about internally taking Copiaba for inflammation?? She is over stressed physically from an entire week of serious play. Any thoughts or testimonies about this?

Also, for my testimony, about 6 months ago, she was injured by another player, almost spraining her ankle. She was out the rest of the day due to this injury. However, because I had my oils on me, I immediately apllied panaway, cypress, helichrysm, and peppermint to her ankle literally about 10 min after injury. I ended up applying 10 times over a span of 10 hours, her ankle did turn a little blue, but after two days, she was back on the field playing the ENTIRE GAME!! Her recovery was unbelievably speedy!!!!!! She did say that after playing, she could still feel some residue of the injury, but she was able to play the whole game.

Linda Penkala May 16, 2013 at 10:10 am

Hi Kerri, just touching base to see how you are doing, since last I wrote back?

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